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 linda lavigne-long 

To Linda LaVigne-Long, a subject like a field or mountain are not landscapes, they are patterns, shapes and colors to be filtered through her mind’s eye and delivered to canvas or paper. Willing to work on just about any variety of media that will accept her artistic overture, LaVigne-Long uses that flexibility as a way to tap into her inner creativity and produce unique works.


Early on as a teen in Mississippi, she interpreted what was available to her…that quickly evolved into using the things she found in her environment. And now, LaVigne-Long soaks up every detail around her, propelling it forth to the viewer and transporting them over miles with her.


“To me, it’s not necessarily just a field, mountain, hay bales, or an iris. They are patterns, shapes, colors and combinations of textures to be placed on whatever I can modify.”

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linda lavigne long, acrylic painting, day in may

A Day in May

Acrylic, 30" x 38" 

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