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As an artist's co-op, Uptown Gallery allows each visitor to experience the artwork and the artists who created it at the same time. As the gallery is staffed by the artists, each time you visit, you will have the rare opportunity to meet one of the artists whose work is displayed. The gallery has  25 outstanding artists, each of whom went through a review process of their work prior to acceptance into the gallery. 


It all began in 1989  when one of Richmond, Virginia's first artist co-op galleries was created to showcase the local vibrant arts community. As the board pulled together the guidelines of how the gallery was to be run, this new idea needed a space to flourish. Ed Eck, a local real estate developer, met with the founding board members, Bob Carter, Emma Lou Martin, Stuart White, John Stingle, Bev Perdue and Martha Jane Albus, and the doors to Uptown Gallery opened in September 1989.


The concept was to provide local artists a place to exhibit and grow in their capacity as artists, while giving them the opportunity to learn from others and immerse themselves in a community of artists who want to continue their exploration.


Since the galley was opened on Main Street, other galleries have come to the area, creating the Main Art Corridor with First Friday’s becoming a well-trafficked strip populated by wonderful artisans.

Set off by its high ceiling, beautiful etched glass windows, the gallery's nineteenth-century French salon style of display is unique to Richmond.  Uptown Gallery has three different gallery spaces: The Main Gallery, The Frable Mezzanine Gallery and the ELM Loft Gallery.

Art lovers come in and enjoy the work at their leisure with monthly rotating shows, featured artists and guest artists. Members share the passion of their art with the enthusiastic public, art lovers and collectors. New artist members add a freshness with every year that passes and present a large variety of styles, mediums, and techniques rarely seen in other spaces. 

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“Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when

you do"

Edgar Degas
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