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 david robatin 

Somewhere between color field painting and abstract expressionism is where you’ll find David Robatin. He paints emotions and feelings in a way that tells a story everyone can relate to in their own way. Flowing, colorful movement and enthralling figures captivate viewers and evoke a thought or memory specific only to the individual looking on, specific to that moment in their lives.


Gestural curves and interwoven figures are a signature of Robatin’s unique style, offering a context and relevance that is intended to get a strong response. His acrylic work is a fresh and unexpected view of the human form.


“I paint to get ideas and emotions out of my head, otherwise they’d probably occupy the late hours. My intention is to create something that each person can connect to in their own way.”

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david robatin, acrylic painting, friends called him isolationist

His Friends called him

The Isolationist

Acrylic, 15" x 18"

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