blanton seward 

With a 35 year history of rendering architectural drawings of Richmond and freelancing as a graphic artist, Blanton Seward takes a hands-on approach to his artwork. Sketching and painting his way through life, Seward has a rich history in the central Virginia area where he continues to tell the family story with lively painted images. 


His work is inspired by his natural surroundings as well as local Richmond landmark, including its statuary. More recently Seward focuses on his love of family and has produced colorful and engaging works that can’t help but bring a smile to your face.


“My work has always focused on telling the Seward story in Virginia. It’s evolved into reflecting my love of the spirit of children and the magical affect they have on others.”


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Acrylic, 18" x 24"

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1305 West Main Street, Richmond, VA 23220

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