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 tami topalu 

Tami Topalu has a knack for touching on personal moments in life with her work. From lovable animals to memorable landmarks, her watercolor work offers a variety of subject matter done with a deft, light touch that feels warm and welcoming. Topalu continues to enrich her talent by taking art workshops in Ireland, Italy, and Nova Scotia – which has resulted in her work finding a home on multiple continents.


Tami holds a copywrite and patent for her creation of “Dustballs,” cartoon characters depicting everyday events and activities. And she continues to infuse that lively spirit in all of her work.


“I find painting and drawing to be a meditative process…it’s cathartic and relaxing. I hope that the images I put on display bring that kind of release for those who choose to put my art in their homes.”


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dog in mirror, watercolor, tami topalu

Dogs in Mirror

Seem Closer Than They Appear

Watercolor, 27" x 37"

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