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 marti franks 

Marti Franks has been fascinated with watercolors for more than twenty years and her artistic evolution is evident in her mastery of technique. After many years of painting still life, landscape, and floral subjects, Franks discovered that her favorite is cityscapes. Drawn to “off-the-beaten-path” places that are known to and loved by locals, but unknown to tourists, she enjoys capturing the hidden gems of areas.


Franks has also been attracted to the more gritty and downtrodden places that identify a location beyond the shiny façades traditionally portrayed.


“I’m interested in village scenes and townscapes, here and in Europe. I’m at home even when under a city’s railroad tracks, expressways or outside a sidewalk café.”


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marti franks, watercolor, north robinson street

North Robinson Street

Watercolor & Ink, 16" x 20"

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