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 ellen wakefield 

Much of Ellen Wakefield’s portfolio of work derives from the beautiful scenery of the Commonwealth of Virginia. From the central flat expanses and rolling hills, to costal areas, to the majestic mountains that cut through the Virginia sky, Wakefield has a penchant for producing art with a cadence to it. Color and shape, mingling together in a wonderful dance of passion and expression.


As a member at Uptown Gallery, she enjoys the community environment and supportive nature of the group of artists all pulling in a common direction.


“I have long been fascinated by the rhythmic harmony of landscapes, and the interweaving of patterns that I see all round me. To me, it’s almost like music…what a wonderful world to live in!”

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tropical colors, ellen wakefield, acrylic painting

Tropical Colors

Acrylic, 18" x 22.5" (framed)

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