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 elizabeth drozeski 

Stressing planning before painting, Elizabeth Drozeski revels in thumbnail depictions of what will become her works of art. Values, shapes, shadow and color mapping create her compositions and allow he to paint more freely once brush is applied to canvas. Accuracy in line and angle, scaled to precision, Drozeski’s classical approach results in captivating scenes that pull the viewer into the environment she sees for us.


As a teacher, Drozeski follows a traditional approach, stressing the elements and principles of design and composition she has discovered by studying the masters, old and new.


“I find that preparation is key to my process. I discover more evolution within the parameters I have set for myself than if I had just started with an idea of what to paint.”

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elizabeth drozeski, watercolor, river dreaming

River Dreaming

Watercolor, 11" x 14"

(Framed) 16" x 20"

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