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 art classes 

About the Classes and the Instructor

Elizabeth Eubanks' teaching technique follows a traditional approach to art. She teaches the elements and principles of design and she uses these to create a satisfying composition. Elizabeth stresses planning before actually painting . . . thumbnail sketches that simplify value and shapes, color ledgers and color mapping to determine harmonies, careful attention to accurate lines, angles, and scale. The preparation allows students to paint more freely because the technical details have been addressed first.

With Elizabeth's guidance, students critique each other’s work. Students go back to the elements and principles of design...discussing temperature, values, the importance of edges, and the poetry of the painting. So much learning and sharing of ideas happens during these critiques.

Elizabeth is a classical artist. She studies the masters, old and new, and encourages her students to discover and apply their artistic wisdom. Elizabeth has a generosity that is rare. She shares her insights and genuine love for art with her students. She is a highly valued teacher.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced painters are welcome.

art class, uptown gallery richmond

Class Schedule 

Thursdays; Morning Class, 10:00-1:00

Afternoon Class, 1:00-4:00


Uptown Gallery Loft


$10.00/hr. with a 12-hour commitment per month

Information & Registration

Please contact Elizabeth Eubanks


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