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david austin

While most photographers now choose to use digital photography exclusively to express their vision, David Austin prefers using the historical process of platinum and palladium printing.  Each photographic print is hand made using a chemical process to create a unique piece.  David chooses to work in black and white images using platinum and palladium metal salts for the distinctive tonal values for which the process is characteristic.

For David, the act of hand applying the light sensitive solutions to cotton rag paper or velum, exposing the print under UV light and developing the image is very satisfying.  He begins his work flow by taking the photograph digitally.  Platinum and palladium printing is a contact print process.  A digital negative is created in post processing on transparency film.  The negative is then combined with the hand coated fine art paper in a contact print frame for exposure.

Working in this way David combines the old and new for his distinctive photographic expression.


Platinum & Palladium Photograph